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Our Story

manuelayala_redguitar_keepituniversalTogether, we intricately weave the vibrant threads of our world.

It was February 2021, a time when the world desperately needed to come together; I witnessed a noisy world.. a divided world, a world ravaged by a pandemic where hope and unity felt like a mere figment of my imagination. This noise pained me deeply, and I felt compelled to take action. Thus, my journey began. 

Starting a brand was never in my plans. Little did I know, it was in my book. 

Hello, I'm Manuel Ayala, the creator of Keep It Universal. From my garage and a corner of my living room, I ventured into the unknown, driven by a relentless desire to bridge gaps and forge a shared space for profound connections.

This journey has promised hope, unity, and a celebration of our shared humanity, despite all geographical, cultural, or linguistic barriers that stand in our way. 

The message, phrase, and brand Keep it Universal represents the belief that we can create a stronger and more inclusive world by connecting people from different backgrounds and empowering the unique perspectives and experiences they bring.

The concept of "Universal" is particularly relevant to this goal, as it recognizes commonalities that bind us regardless of our culture or individuality.

My mission speaks for itself, which is to create clothing that embodies the ideals of providing a place where all individuals are welcome, accepted, connected, and loved, extending its reach to the four corners of the globe.

With that said, we have a long road ahead. When I say we., I mean you and I.

Together, we can send a profound message of love that urges us to embrace and cherish our differences wholeheartedly. For it is these very differences that intricately weave the vibrant threads of our world, uniting us in a beautiful, diverse tapestry of humanity.  

Keep it Universal. It's what the world needs. 


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